• All levels (beginner to professional)
  • Improve your pitch, agility and stamina
  • Develop solid technique: learn how to sing in any style…contemporary, jazz,
    classical, country, pop, rock, children’s music – your choice!
  • Group singing (part-harmony)
  • Exams (AMEB, VCE & VET)


  • Beginner through intermediate levels
  • Individually tailored practice plan & materials
  • Repertoire development in the style of your choice
  • Arranging songs for solo & group performance
  • Performance craft & improvisation


  • Sight-reading
  • Songwriting, composition & arranging
  • Music theory & aural/ear training
  • Recording & publishing your songs
  • Workshop your songs in a safe, encouraging environment


Shelley Tasker

(Adult, Vocals)

Elizabeth has been fantastic to work with. I wanted to work on a few techniques and add some polish to my vocal abilities and Elizabeth didn’t disappoint!
I have learned so many new vocal skills. I can now comfortably sing in more styles and genres of music than I ever thought I could! I now have techniques that have added depth, range and polish to my repertoire
– just incredible!

Chloe Prendergast

(Tertiary student, Vocals)

When the letter arrives telling you that your dreams as a kid might come true yet! Bachelor of Musical Theatre here we come! A special shout out to my singing teacher Elizabeth Stewart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I can’t say it enough.

Brooke Cowan


Elizabeth is extremely professional and has such a lovely way with kids. My son has gained confidence, as he explored his love of music and singing. I cannot fault her patience and great strategies when engaging the younger crowd. It’s something my son looks forward to weekly and now my youngest wants to attend!

Trillian Sharples

(Secondary student, Vocals, Guitar & Piano)

I’ve learned so much in the 2 years I’ve spent with Elizabeth. As soon as I walk into the room I’m met with a smile and encouraging words through my entire lesson. Then I’m sent off with a bunch of fun, interesting exercises to practice till the next week. My Mum lets me sing inside the house now!

Kirsty Simpson

(Adult, Vocals & Guitar)

As one of Elizabeth’s mature age students, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Voice tuition
and reconnecting with music.
I would never have believed that I could get up in front of people and sing and play guitar.
Elizabeth is encouraging, supportive and I have learnt so much from my weekly lessons.



Elizabeth combines her extraordinary knowledge and professionalism with patience and understanding for her young students. She delivers impressive results while always keeping the learning experience fun and entertaining for those she mentors.
I would recommend Elizabeth without hesitation for anyone who has a passion for singing and music.

Brian Smith

(Tertiary student, Vocals)

Thank you for all you have done…would never have had the courage to go to Oxygen College and audition if it wasn’t for your guidance. Thank you for everything you have done for me.


(Adult, Vocals)

I have never been able to sing in tune and have always envied those who could – especially a capella. Now my sisters and I can sing simple harmonies and it is so much fun.
Elizabeth is such a great teacher – supportive, organised, flexible and creative.

Georgia Morrison

(Secondary student, Vocals)

Thank you for being such a massive part of my musical development over the last four years, the knowledge you have given me has been highly beneficial and I know that in the future it will continue to assist my development musically. You have always been supportive of my musical interests and thank you again for always fuelling my passion for music.

Michelle Flood


Elizabeth is an absolute treasure. As a singing / piano teacher she has allowed my daughter to blossom into a beautiful performer. Her bubbly nature makes every lesson like catching up with a friend. Thank you Elizabeth for being a fantastic music teacher you are 1 of a kind.

Heather Campbell

(Adult, Vocals & Piano)

Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She allows exploration and discovery, rigour, freedom and fun at seemingly the exact moments they are needed.

She has reawakened my love of music and shown me I can do more than I thought possible
(especially in singing!)

Michelle Cross

(Adult, Saxophonist, Vocals & piano)

When I have sung in the past I have just sung a bit of everything. Working with Elizabeth has given me a better idea of the kind of artist I want to be. I have also noticed that my vocal range has stretched over the short amount of time she has been teaching me.

Kasey Drew

(Secondary student, Vocals)

I would like to thank you so much for all you have done for me. You have inspired me and taught me so many techniques and skills to help me improve my singing.
You have inspired me to go further with my singing, especially in the musical theatre genre. Once again, I would just like to thank you so much. You are an amazing and inspiring person and performer.

Kerryn Drew


Kasey has really enjoyed her time with you and has found you to be a wonderful teacher. We thank you for introducing her to the genre of musical theatre and we hope that her interest in this area continues to grow.
She is looking forward to her final few lessons with you and of course her last singing concert next weekend. Thanks again for sharing your expertise with her over the last couple of years!

Mikaela Cunnington

(Adult, Vocals)

Elizabeth is like a singing encyclopedia who provides expert advice in an enjoyable lesson.

Sarah Prendergast

(Adult, Vocals)

Thank you so much for your guidance & patience over the last two terms – I wish there could have been more!
You are an amazing teacher and will continue to inspire me long after these lessons together.

Ahlia Bailo

(Secondary student, Vocals & Piano)

Since starting singing and piano lessons with Elizabeth, my vocal ability and reading piano notes and sheet music has improved dramatically. Elizabeth’s fun, easygoing teaching style is complimented by her technical expertise. Elizabeth is an amazing teacher, and it is an absolute pleasure to attend lessons every week. Elizabeth is always encouraging me to improve, while making sure I feel comfortable and secure within my abilities.18

Kylie Wilkinson


Elizabeths enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge is infectious. My daughter is always exited to go and learn from her, and we are prepared to travel a long way to do so. I could not have picked a better teacher.

Maddison Sharp

(Adult, Vocals, Songwriting)

I just wanted to thank you for how much time, effort and dedication you put into each and every one of our singing lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn about the art form of singing and you have been such a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher, so thank-you very much!

Chris and Sarah Allen


We would like to thank you for your wonderful care, attention, support and encouragement
…Thank you so much.

Adam Talbot

(adult, piano)

I’ve been receiving piano lessons from Elizabeth for a little over a year now and have improved significantly. I went from being a beginner to performing solo on stage in front of a crowd in a short span of time with her guidance, which I never thought I’d do. I would highly recommend

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