About Me

“Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher and mentor. She allows exploration and discovery, rigour, freedom and fun at seemingly the exact moments they are needed.”- Heather Campbell


Nurturing your passion for singing and music in a fun, supportive environment…

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and I’m here to help you improve your singing and musical performance!

I believe that creative expression is one of the most positive things you can do for your confidence, your happiness and yourself.

Making music is fun, especially when you are in an inspiring, supportive environment. At my studio, you will receive straightforward instructions, gentle guidance and constructive feedback to help get you to your musical goals.

Looking forward to watching you shine!



Experience. Passion. Dedication.

As a singing and music teacher, I have worked with students of all ages and levels of ability for the past 23 years, both privately and in schools in the Ballarat region.

I am passionate about singing, and have trained in a variety of vocal styles, including: classical, musical theatre, jazz, contemporary and vocal improvisation. I am also trained in vocal technique (Estill), belt technique, and vocal percussion (fun!)

I studied singing and music at the Melba Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne and Box Hill Institute. I have also had extensive private tuition in voice, piano, guitar, bass, percussion, music theory, songwriting and acting.

Beyond my teaching commitments, for the past 29 years I have performed professionally as a soloist, in bands, and acting in theatre, film and TV.   I currently perform as a jazz vocalist and work on music composition.


Box Hill Institute
Bachelor of Applied Music (Comp) 2008-2012

A highly practical undergraduate degree, with a focus on jazz and contemporary music. The course made extensive use of technology, audio engineering facilities, and hands-on music industry applications, including scoring music for film/TV and games. I use a lot of this technology in my day-to-day teaching, for recording, music preparation, analysis and creating custom-made practice materials for my students

Estill Voice International
Estill Voice Training System Levels 1 & 2 (2006) completed twice

The most highly regarded voice technique training system in the world. Based on functional vocal anatomy and backed by scientific research. I have studied Estill technique both privately and in courses, one of which was run by Helen Tiller (Internationally recognised and Australia’s most experienced Estill practitioner). I have been teaching Estill voice technique to my students with great success (and a lot of fun!) for the past 16 years.

Australian Music Examinations Board
AMEB Practice of Music: Piano (Grade 6)

Songlines Music Corporation, Port Melbourne
Certificate II in Basic Music Industry Skills

Working With Children Check, Victoria

Extensive private tuition in voice, piano, guitar, bass, percussion, music theory and acting.


  • Academic Excellence Award (Box Hill Institute)
  • Thomasz Spiewak Award for Outstanding Achievement in Composition and Aural Training (Box Hill Institute)
  • Vocational Student of the Year Finalist (Box Hill Institute)
  • Performed at the Woodford International Folk Festival, one of the largest music festivals in Australia.
  • Sparks Fly (original music act) released an album, distributed by MGM Records, which was given National Airplay on JJJ
  • Winner of the Drama Victoria Best Educational Program and/or Event, Drama Vic State Conference
  • Short film, A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream, winner of the 7Max’99 Film Competition, Ballarat Winterfest (Lead role: Mabel)



Singing teacher

  • Private Tuition Business: Ballarat and Daylesford
  • Ballarat Centre of Music & The Arts
  • Mount Clear College, Ballarat
  • Ballarat Secondary College
  • Soundtrax 919, Ballarat
  • Woods Music, Ballarat

Piano and guitar tuition

  • Private Tuition Business: Ballarat, Daylesford and Melbourne

Classroom music

  • Ballarat Secondary College (year 10)
  • Glenvale College, Ballarat (primary)
  • Noble Park Special Developmental School (prep – year 12)

Choral conducting

  • Mount Clear College Choir
  • Ballarat Secondary College Choir
  • Glenvale College Choir, Ballarat
  • Ballarat High School Choir
  • Daylesford Open Improvised Choir
  • Ballan Sing from the Heart Choir
  • Soundtrax 919 Adult Vocal Group, Ballarat
  • Ballarat Centre of Music & the Arts: Adult Vocal Ensemble, Junior and Senior Choirs
  • Miscellaneous vocal ensembles at my private studio

Speech and drama

  • Private Tuition Business: Ballarat
  • Damascus College, Ballarat
  • Pleasant Street Primary School, Ballarat
  • Ballarat Centre of Music & The Arts
  • Adelphi Theatre TIE Company, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat
  • Northland Secondary College, East Preston



Own-name act

I have performed under my own name in various line-ups (as a solo act and in duos, bands and ensembles) since I began performing 29 years ago. Over this time I have sung and played covers and original music on guitar, piano, electric bass and hand percussion in a variety of styles, including: jazz, folk, pop, musical theatre and a short piano residency.

Other bands and ensembles

Red! Jazz Trio (Jazz combo) Jazz/standards, Blues
Rory Clarke Trio (Jazz combo) Jazz/originals
Carnivale (8 piece samba band) Samba, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, African, Latin
Quextet (Jazz combo) Jazz/standards
Sparks Fly (Rock band lineup) Pop/Rock/Folk originals
Foxy Ladies (Acoustic duo) Top 40/Covers
Waterbelly (Rock band lineup) Funk/originals
The Leon Whatmore Jazz Trio (Jazz combo) Jazz/standards
James and Eliza (Acoustic duo) Pop/Rock, Top 40


In Darkness and in Secrecy, Salamander Theatre Co, Daylesford (Lead: Maggie)
The Ballad of Joe and Lonnie, Australian National Playwrights Centre (Lead: Lonnie)
Chinese Whispers, The Adelphi Theatre (TIE) Co, Ballarat (Lead: Jessie)
Murder Mystery Events, Corporate Co-operation, Ballarat
Stage One: Playwriting, Australian National Playwrights Centre
Stage 2: Get Fresh, Australian National Playwrights Centre
Stage 3: Home Stretch, Australian National Playwrights Centre
Enigma 99: Short Film Exhibition, Australian National Playwrights Centre
Ballarat’s Lost Stages, Ballarat Heritage Week Festival, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat
Vaudeville to Video, The Adelphi Theatre (TIE) Co, Ballarat
Lola Montez, Conference entertainmentfor the Victorian Quiltmakers Association (Solo act)
Scriptwriters Course, Frogs Hollow Centre for Arts, Darwin (various roles)
Performing Artist, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Film & television: roles

A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream, AFGO Productions, Ballarat (Lead: Mabel)
The Ballad of Joe and Lonnie, Yum Productions, Ballarat (Lead: Lonnie)
Eureka Centre, Mothers Art Productions, Sydney (Various Roles)
Arts Matters: Dramatic Styles, Drama Victoria. (Various Roles)
Dalkeith, Leigh Sheehan Productions, Port Melbourne (Court recorder)
On The Beach, West Street Productions, Sydney (Train Passenger)
Neighbours, Grundy Television, Melbourne (Bowler)
Bachelor Girl Film Clip, Famous by Tuesday, Melbourne (Street Busker)
Yellow Pages TVC, Port Productions, Melbourne (Hippy Chick)


Eureka Centre, Mothers Art Productions, Sydney (Various Roles)