All ages.
Beginner through intermediate levels.


Play songs that inspire you, every time you play them…

  • Play the songs and styles that you love
  • Learn how to read chord charts (lead sheets) or tablature
  • Develop a collection of songs and pieces that you can play with ease
  • Learn how to play songs by ear (work out how to play them), when you can’t find the sheet music or chords anywhere

Guitar lessons will have you playing the music you love, in arrangements that cater to your current level of ability, while building up your skills. Discover the fun of playing this old and much-loved instrument…it’s so versatile, you can literally take your music anywhere!


Play smoothly, with a great sense of groove!

  • Wanting to sound more polished?
  • Does your playing sound rough or sloppy?
  • Wanting to play with better rhythm and timing?
  • Can’t play for very long because it hurts?

As your guitar teacher, I will show you exercises to improve your flexibility, coordination and control that can really help. Add to that a toolbox of rhythm guitar skills: strum patterns, fingerpicking, barre chords, riffs and licks, and you’ll be getting your groove on in no time!