Take advantage of all the opportunities you have to perform…

  • Concerts: I host four concerts each year (at the end of every school term)
  • Competitions: local and national (eg: Royal South Street Comps, X Factor, The Voice)
  • Shows, choirs, bands, open-mic nights and karaoke sessions
  • Music examinations

There is never any pressure to perform onstage, but if you’re into it there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you! Performing in public is fun, will boost your confidence and develop your stage experience. It’s also a great chance to meet like-minded people and swap notes, stories and resources. Plus…it’s an adrenaline rush!


Be prepared for your next audition, competition or special event.

  • Need to know how to deliver in a particular style?
  • Wanting to find songs that highlight your strengths?
  • Want to know which character types suit you best?
  • Looking for repertoire that suits your voice and meets the expectations of the audition panel?
  • Need assistance learning your parts for shows, choirs or backing vocals for your band?

Performance preparation sessions will help you choose the right songs in the best keys for your voice. Getting your music prepared, arranged, and finding the right sheet music or practice tracks is essential, so that you have all the materials you need to stand and deliver!


Deal with the demands of performing and develop a system for delivering your best

  • Express yourself: learn how to communicate effectively to your audience
  • Learn the art of interpretation and improvisation
  • Know how to set up and use stage equipment, and how/why to do a sound-check
  • Learn how to play and perform with others
  • How to stay in best possible condition when touring or performing a lot

Performance coaching can give you an outside perspective and a more complete picture of what you’re doing on stage. Lessons help you to understand your audience, what it is you are trying to communicate, and how best to achieve it.  Develop a system to keep you delivering your best, night after night.