Ages: 4+ (parental supervision advised for young students)
All Levels: beginner to professional

  • Beginners: set your goals and learn the basics of singing at a comfortable pace, in a supportive environment. Get to know your own voice, what works and what doesn’t, and learn how to bring out the best in your voice.
  • Intermediate/advanced: develop stamina, consistent and confident technique. Strengthen the problem areas in your voice, extend your skills, and get closer to your goals.
  • Professional: customised voice care routine to help you meet the demands of your performance schedule, even when you’re not feeling well. Performance coaching to heighten your expressive delivery and keep it feeling fresh, creative and inspired.


Sing from the heart: sing the songs that you love

  • Sing in any style…contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, classical, country, pop, rock, children’s music – your choice!
  • Build a collection of songs in the best keys for your voice
  • Choose repertoire that showcases your strengths

Song selection is a personal process, and not all songs are created equal. As your singing teacher, I can show you how to choose repertoire that flatters your voice, challenges you in all the right ways and exposes you to new ways of expressing yourself that you never knew were possible. Be prepared to be delighted!


Sing with ease, control and confidence…

  • Range: are you straining to sing the high notes?
  • Stamina: do you wish that singing was easier and less effortful?
  • Vocal health: do you get hoarse after singing?
  • Power: wanting to sing with more power and strength?
  • Flexibility: do you wish your voice was more flexible and agile?
  • Tone: does your voice sound rough? Wanting to sound more smooth/polished?

Singing lessons with a focus on technique (understanding how your voice works and learning to control and coordinate the different vocal apparatus) can take your singing to a whole new level. Once you master your technique, you can sculpt your sound, improve your vocal health and smile…because you will always sing with confidence!


Sing with expression, flair and individuality!

  • Learn how to sing in tune and stay in time with the music
  • Get creative: develop your vocal improvisation and interpretation skills
  • Express yourself: learn how to express yourself using the language of music
  • Part-harmony: learn how to sing vocal harmonies
  • Let the fun begin! In your singing lessons, you will learn how to apply vocal techniques to express your musical ideas. Understand, and work with, the fundamentals of melody, harmony and rhythm to build your musicality. Develop coordination, individuality and artistry… then shine!


    Make the grade.

    • Wanting a sense of accomplishment?
    • Looking for some structure or a qualification?
    • Don’t want to perform, but still want to improve your playing and gain experience?
    • Need help preparing your VCE solo performance recital?
    • No longer at school, but would love to have a graded learning experience?

    If you’ve been seeking any of the above, then exams might be an option for you. As your singing teacher, I can coach you through your VCE, VET or AMEB (Singing for Leisure, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Practicing Musician and School of Rock) exams and keep the journey fun along the way!