All ages.
Beginner through intermediate levels.


Play fluidly, with coordination and ease…

  • Having trouble playing fluidly?
  • Getting sore or tired hands or arms when you play?
  • Feeling uncoordinated? Having trouble getting your hands to work together?
  • Not sure if you’re developing good or bad habits?
  • Using the wrong fingering, or wish you had more control over your fingers?

Piano lessons that include technical exercises (to improve your agility, flexibility and hand coordination) could really give you a kick-start. Add some good technique into the equation, and those tired arms will increase their stamina in no time!


Play pieces that inspire you to play them again and again!

  • Want to play songs and music in the styles that you love?
  • Wish you could play beyond your current reading ability?
  • Want to play a piece of music, but you can’t find the sheet music anywhere? Or you’ve found the sheet music but it doesn’t sound the same?
  • Wanting to build a collection of songs/pieces at your current level of ability, which showcases your strengths?

Playing piano is about playing music that you love. As your piano teacher, I can help you develop a collection of enjoyable pieces, arranged to highlight your strengths, in whatever style you choose to play. End goal: go play them to anyone who will listen!